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alpha series
Mark-free automated delivery

The alpha is a universal delivery for mark-free processing of folded products and is today's standard delivery for signature processing.

The alpha is a universal delivery for mark-free processing of folded products and the standard delivery for signature processing. Operation is intuitive and setup is largely automatic. The alpha produces cleanly jogged and error-free stacks that are output at an ergonomic height for manual pickup. The short set-up time means the alpha is also suitable for processing small jobs. The ergonomic output in conjunction with the clean pile formation benefits the operator physically by minimizing manual processing and significantly reduces the time required at the delivery. As a result, production output increases compared to conventional deliveries (reduced time required) and operator productivity remains consistently high (low fatigue).

The stack delivery is available as the alpha500 for up to three-ups and the alpha700 for up to four-ups. Both versions are also available as OEM variants.

Technology for Success

Industry Standard

In a production environment where signature processing dominates, the alpha is the most complete delivery. Within its format range, there is nothing it cannot process.

Performance Increase

The unique ergonomics combined with the high pile quality ensure fatigue-free working and increased performance. The well-engineered delivery system ensures easy setup and trouble-free operation.

Industry 4.0

In conjunction with the Dynamic Separation Platform (DSP) toolbox, the alpha provides operational data, dynamically separates book blocks of different sizes, marks and controls downstream processes. With the diverse interface solutions, the alpha can be connected to almost any production machine.

  • Introduction
  • Setup

alpha Introduction

The palamides alpha is the industry standard in delivery systems for folded products and signature processing. With intuitive operation and automatic setup, the alpha produces clean and error-free stacks, benefiting operators physically and increasing production output. Its mark-free design, ergonomic operation and compatibility with various folding machines make it a versatile and efficient solution for a wide range of applications.

alpha Setup

This video highlights the alpha's easy setup and configuration, showcasing its modular flexibility for various types of print jobs. The alpha is a universal delivery system that ensures mark-free processing of folded products, making it the industry standard with over 1,060 installations worldwide. With its ergonomic design and intuitive operation, the alpha increases performance and productivity while minimizing fatigue for operators.

Wide range of options

With almost 40 different options, the alpha can be adapted and individualized to almost any application. The possibilities range from an extended buffer table for increased efficiency, through high-speed devices, to auxiliary gluing for the production of pre-glued book blocks.

Data Hub

A special feature is the integration of the palamides Dynamic Separation Platform (DSP). This turns the alpha into a data hub. Precise separating, marking, completing and more are possible. In addition, data can be evaluated, processed and communicated.

alpha is the worldwide leader

The alpha is the industry standard with over 1,060 installations worldwide. It is versatile, processing all products within its format range and compatible with most folding machines. alpha’s interface solutions also make an easy connection with palletizing robots.

Ergonomic and simple operation

The alpha is designed to enable fatigue-free working, easy setup and trouble-free operation. The operator simply removes the jogged stacks at an ergonomically favorable height without having to push them open. To reduce makeready times, the machine is set up largely automatically.


The alpha’s mark-free design is a major advantage in signature processing. With only a short time between printing and processing, printing ink accumulating on the press rollers can be removed effortlessly thanks to the patented wide opening of the press rollers. Particularly sensitive products can be processed up to 16,000Ex./h in a single sheet, avoiding ink transfer from products during the usual processing of products.

High performance production processing critical to Mack Druck

Sebastian Mack of Mack Druck & Verlag shares his company`s story of improvements in production efficiency and profitability with palamides delivery solutions. Sebastian Mack shares his positive experience, highlighting the significant impact of upgrading to the delta502pro delivery and expanding their signature production with the alpha500pro stacking delivery.

"With palamides, our productivity and process stability visibly improved. The optimized processing cycle relieves our employees and thus increases their concentration. The cooperation between our company and palamides gives me great pleasure. The investment has absolutely paid off."

Sebastian Härtig
Managing Director Die Pharmadrucker

"The machine can be reconfigured in no time. The alpha operation is very intuitive and understood by operators quickly. We noticed significant increases in efficiency within a very short time. And our operators are happy about their workload relief."

Sebastian Mack
Druckerei Mack GmbH & Co. KG
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Our delivery systems for the printing and packaging industry cover almost all applications with their numerous options. Expand your production processing capacities with a professional delivery system and increase the efficiency of the entire production chain — without additional labor! Make your choice.

Mark-free automated delivery

Versatile automated delivery

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