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Automatic Sheet Stacker

The mitra Automatic Sheet Stacker is the ideal solution for streamlining printing production, automating tasks, reducing errors and increasing efficiency. The mitra offers the highest run speed for print processing, allowing for automatic print job stapling and stacking, saving time and money.

The mitra is perfect for all kinds of automated printing production and fits seamlessly into digital printing processes. With a mobile delivery that can be lined up with any production line, it is equipped to stack and buffer single sheets, blanks, and die cuts, even for multiple-up production. Its operator-friendly design provides cleanly jogged stacks that are stored on a large buffer table, giving operators enough time to check the quality of the production and pack stacks in folding cartons or on pallets.

The mitra helps reduce the need for manual labor and increases productivity by enabling printers to work uninterrupted, while its option to trigger stack changes through a barcode, print mark, or external signal ensures precise production separation for book block count.

The mitra Automatic Sheet Stacker can streamline printing processes by automating tasks, reducing errors while increasing efficiency, ultimately leading to higher productivity and profitability for printers.

Technology for Success

Performance Increase

The mitra automatic sheet stacker is flexible, allowing the operator to enter the desired quantity via a touch display and decide whether the stacks should be banded or not. The counted stacks are buffered on the output table and can be easily removed by the operator.

Competitive edge

The perfect solution in automated handling for all kinds of productions like vertical cutters, die cutters, etc., even at high speed. It prevents waste in production, is easy to connect and its small footprint fits easily into production lines at printers and finishers.

Operator optimized

Designed with mobility in mind, the mitra can be easily moved around any production line or multiple up production setups. This innovative product can handle a wide variety of single sheets, blanks, die cuts, and more, with up to six parallel streams of flat sheets. The mitra accepts shingle streams alternatively single sheet production, counts the sheets, then stacks them into perfect blocks, including dies with individual shapes.

  • Introduction

mitra Introduction Video

This video showcases the capabilities of the palamides GmbH mitra Automatic Sheet Stacker and how it can streamline your printing production process. With its operator-friendly design and mobile delivery, the mitra provides cleanly jogged stacks that can be easily removed and checked for quality.

Watch to discover how the mitra can optimize your printing production processing, reduce errors and boost productivity.


Saves costs by allowing automatic print job stapling and stacking. It also automates the delivery process with perfectly jogged stacks delivered onto a large buffer table. The buffer table provides the stacks to be removed comfortably by an operator or processed automatically onto a conveyer belt. Up to 6 parallel streams of flat sheets are possible.

Easy to integrate

With the mitra, it is possible to integrate inline production with digital printing machines. It can be lined up with any production line for single sheets, dies, blanks, etc. – even for multiple up productions.


The mitra is mobile with a small footprint and height-adjustable at the product infeed. Its wheels allow it to be easily moved around any production line or multiple up production setups.

Fast & flexible

The mitra can work at the fastest operating speeds of print production machines. It increases productivity by allowing the printer to work uninterrupted. It has the option of version or book block separation via barcode, print mark or counter. In addition, the running direction set up is automatic and the infeed height is adjustable.

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